Nabízíme ke shlédnutí videa z průjezdů kolony spanilé jízdy a fotografie z průběhu akce. Kompletní fotoreportáž z akce si můžete prohlédnout ZDE

/** * @file * Template file for the galleryformatter default formatter */ /** * Only edit this file for switching order of the slides info, adding classes or other minor changes within the overall html structure. * KEEP the original html structure or you'll run into problems with the JS. * IDs on the slides and the hash for the thumb links MUST be there for the gallery to function. * width and height must be set inline for gallery-slides container, the gallery-thumbs, and the li's inside it. * * Available variables: * * $dimensions - Array containing both slides and thumbs dimensions * $slides - Array containing all slide images, its sanatized title & alt ready to print, its hash id and the full image URL if you need it * $thumbs - Array containing all thumbnail images ready to print and their hash * $settings - The settings for galleryformatter as configured for this field instance. */ ?>